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  • It’s a digital world and many UK based traditional businesses must transform in order to flourish. So where do UK based businesses begin on their digital transformation journey? The answer is of course with a digital strategy, but digital strategy has become an expansive term, and it’s getting to be more and more of a priority in the minds of executives. It’s also become an increasingly popular topic in the news. But what really is a digital strategy?

  • Are you looking for help to grow your retail or leisure business? An Inbound marketing strategy is an essential platform for business growth in the Digital age. Sometimes people use terms to describe Inbound marketing, such as Digital marketing or social media marketing when they really mean Inbound and are still working through the awareness phase. Here's why your business should build a platform for growth based upon Inbound marketing and Growth Driven Design.

  • Retailers may have the greatest opportunity in the Digital era. In fact, 55 percent of the Internet of Things(IoT) value at stake for retailers went uncaptured in 2013. With a rising tide of technology-driven disruption that has dramatically changed consumer shopping behaviors and the retail business landscape, retailers need to adapt to change and deliver new Digital experiences, both in the store and out.

    F&F, a clothing brand sold exclusively by Tesco, wanted to connect shoppers in stores with the full online experience. Using the IoT, F&F now helps in-store customers connect for the personalised experience they get online. They can visit a specialised kiosk called an Online Order Point, ask an employee to look something up on their F&F tablet, or connect over Wi-Fi on their own personal device. When shoppers connect to the in-store Wi-Fi network, F&F uses Cisco® Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) to deliver style advice and offers tailored to the store. Shoppers can also shop online by scanning barcodes with the cameras on their smartphones, seamlessly blending the Digital and physical stores.

    Looking to build better relationships with customers and increase engagement, F&F’s analytics and virtual store prototypes are already showing increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Today, F&F has deployed over 125 digital order points across the F&F estate, generating incremental online sales and a return on investment within 12 months. To achieve this, the use of a dynamic IT support strategy was essential.