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  • Strategic planning for IT is a process which can often be over complicated. At the end of this article I’ll provide a link to an IT strategy template which will help to clarify and simplify the steps required to build a strategy model that is repeatable and effective for your business. The importance of strategy formulation should not be underestimated as it underpins your IT support services spending – or at least it should! Without a strategy, you will be defeated at every turn in your efforts to save money, grow your business and transform from a traditional business into a Digital leader.

  • Choosing the right technology for your business can be a complicated process. When implemented correctly, business technology can help fuel innovation and drive business growth. Whether launching a start-up or implementing a Digital Transformation Strategy for a FTSE100 company, technology is vital to ensure desired business outcomes and goals are realised. Logically then, if implemented incorrectly, business technology can starve innovation and stall business growth.

  • Whether you’re a small business owner in Gloucestsershire looking for a technology partner or the CIO of a City based FTSE 100 company looking for a Digital transformation strategy, choosing Managed IT Support Services may not fill you with excitement. However, at Strategic Asset we’re passionate about technology and firmly believe that the best business technology helps fuel innovation and drives business growth.