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Inbound Digital marketing for retail

Are you looking for help to grow your retail or leisure business? An Inbound marketing strategy is an essential platform for business growth in the Digital age. Sometimes people use terms to describe Inbound marketing, such as Digital marketing or social media marketing when they really mean Inbound and are still working through the awareness phase. Here's why your business should build a platform for growth based upon Inbound marketing and Growth Driven Design.


When only the very best will do...

A widely-accepted definition of Inbound marketing from HubSpot is...

“Inbound marketing is about using marketing to bring potential customers to you, rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention. Inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content with the world. By creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more."

So, why is Inbound the best marketing methodology for the Digital age and how do I choose an Inbound Digital Marketing Agency?

For answers to those questions and more, read more here…

Digital Marketing and Managed IT support services for retail and leisure

The Digital marketing industry is now well established and is now more of a science than an art. At Strategic Asset, we have a winning formula and know exactly what it takes to realise Inbound success. The best way to prove this is the simple fact that we live and breathe Inbound and use it as our sole marketing strategy (and it obviously works because you’re reading this!). But how do UK based retail, leisure and hospitality business best harness Inbound? The answer to this is by formulating an effective IT support services strategy and by ensuring that a Managed IT support services platform is aligned with the businesses desired goals. However, to truly transform IT support services from a business cost, or liability, into a strategic asset businesses need to build a solid Digital platform from which to measure and drive growth. All aspects of IT support services spending should be driven by a well-considered IT support services strategy that contributes to unlocking innovation and driving growth, including a well though out Digital transformation strategy. For example, does your business offer Wi-Fi connectivity for employees? I’m guessing it probably does, and if so, does it offer free Wi-Fi connectivity for customers? It probably should. In a Digitally mature business, your free Wi-Fi service will be connected to Facebook and customers will log in with their Facebook credentials. In doing so, you will gain access to their consent to add them to a mailing list which allows you to begin enticing them back with offers and rewards. To begin delighting customers perhaps consider sending a personalised Email shortly before ntheir birthday and offer a voucher to help celebrate.

This is a fairly simple example and thing to do for an IT support services provider such as Strategic Asset that specialises in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors in the UK and is a Digital marketing expert. But why stop there? A more advanced solution would be to enable presence location analytics which generates actionable feedback with which to grow your business. Multi-site analysis and reporting helps retailers measure foot traffic and presence-based user behavior including the following:

  • Detect presence of visitors via their mobile devices from cloud managed WiFi access points 
  • Gleans analytics from all WiFi devices connected and unconnected (i.e. mobile phones that aren't even connected to your free WiFi offering but in your store)
  • Optimise customer engagement through new insights into stores
  • Take advantage of rich statistics revealing time spent in your store, new visitors, and repeat vistors
  • Use analytics data to make decisions on staffing, storefront design, or employee and BYOD policies
  • Drive customer engagement by integrating with existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems

We can also ensure that your point of sale terminals and payment solutions are part of our managed IT support services, are PCI compliant and completely secure which leaves you to focus on delighting your customers. Becoming an Inbound business also means that your social media presence and business reputation are carefully monitored too, what are customers saying about you? How do you monitor and respond to this? Your IT support services strategy should also provide insight into who is searching for breaks in your region, and looking for retail, leisure and hospitality experiences. Again, at Strategic Asset we have the expertise and solutions that provide integrated growth and results to help fuel innovation and drive business growth.

So, what are you waiting for?

Since Brexit last year, the pound has significantly fallen in value making the UK an extremely attractive destination. Furthermore, that foreign holiday is now much more expensive. Logically then, staycations should be on the rise too for 2017. This has significant implications for your Inbound marketing strategy, it serves to help define your buyer personas and impacts the buyers journey. Lastly, please bear in mind that it takes time to formulate a strategy, perform keyword research, generate content, have it crawled and indexed for success in Search Engine Results Pages. All of this make the case for Inbound marketing. Which only leaves one question unanswered. What are you waiting for?