Reactive IT Support from Strategic Asset

Creativity and technology to help fuel innovation and drive business growth

24x7 Prioritised resolution support, critical situation escalation management, and rapid on-site support to minimise downtime.

Reactive IT Support

Organisations today rely on technology to help fuel innovation and drive business growth. Emerging megatrends however, such as mobility, social, Big Data, and the cloud, are forcing companies to change how they use technology. Unlike typical changes with IT, these megatrends must be addressed simultaneously. This reality is driving up IT spending, adding complexity to the IT environment, and increasing the need for reactive IT services.

  • 24/7 elevated break/fix support
  • Fastest response times
  • Multi-tenant trained support engineers
  • Priority case handling
  • Critical situation support for high-priority cases
  • Field Engineers available onsite
  • Advisory assistance

Why choose Reactive Services?

Reactive Services offers peace of mind so that personnel are ready to react when problems arise. This leads to a decreased resolution time during crisis with direct involvement from Strategic Asset and our partners such as Microsoft.

Strategic Asset offers an end-to-end support platform that helps maximise the value of our customers’ on-premises and cloud-based software investments by reducing risks, improving system reliability, and improving staff productivity.

74% of companies would pay a premium for superior customer support

- 451 Research Hosting and Cloud Case Study 2014